Thoughts on Art as it relates to Politics

It would be difficult to claim that various forms of art and media have little to no influence on society. From seeming juvenile animations, comics and posters; to the more complex great literary authors, philosophers, journalists, cinematographers, religions scripture and other forms of media; not only capture our attention as a form of entertainment or belief, but also engage our minds if only for even for a brief moment in time. Over the centuries art has evolved and reflected the time in which it was created and how they felt about their surroundings. This could be considered a form of freedom of speech either, unbeknownst or aggressively portrayed towards bureaucracy or religion; the more restrictions, the more encrypted the messages are to their intended audience. Certain themes have occurred during political movements or economic recession, depression or times of prosperity. Currently in American society, it is common knowledge that the leader of the free word has a low approval rating, unemployment rates are increasing along with inflation, and voter turnout has also decreased over the decades. It’s fair to say that there is a sense of overall uncertainty; therefore Americans have less faith in their government and as a result, less participation. If we focusing merely on television and film; popular themes include anarchy, super heroes, unhuman super natural predators, and apocalyptic events in our present time. Examples of these themes are popular shows and films such as, “The Walking Dead,” “Transcendence,” and “Sons of Anarchy,” all give us a sense of taking matters in our own hands. One could draw the conclusion that media of this nature has formed an extreme move in which there are actually actual people currently preparing for dooms days type scenarios. Others forms of media attempt to invoke heroism such as; “the Hunger Games, Marvel and DC comic; movies and television shows. Through these action packed thrillers they emulate forms of resistance that one person or persons can have on the masses in order to restore the faith in society power to rise above our fears of uncertainty. These fears include government takeover, terrorism, questionable science experimentation and our increasing dependency on technology and the power it has over us; and again there are various ways in which media has depicted those as fears as well. History has a way of repeating itself and over time society has creating new ways to express personal perspectives of their current surrounding whether it be tangible or intangible; and these forms of express do influences others in a direct or indirect way in which the outcome of the fallout can be unpredictable.